Pokemon Ranger (2006)
(Pokémon series)
Nintendo DS
In Collection
Completed:  No
Nintendo HAL Labs
Cartridge 045496464103

After Spenser (one of the Ranger Leaders) receives letters about how much the player wants to become a Ranger, he invites the player to Fall City to join. The life of a Pokémon Ranger consists primarily of protecting nature and helping people by using wild Pokémon they have captured. By using the wild Pokémon's powers, Rangers can solve any number of problems. Just as the player starts to feel comfortable as a Ranger, the Go-Rock Squad shows up and steals the Professor's new Capture Styler.

Characters: As either Lunick (boy) or Solana (girl), players set out to stop the Go-Rock Squad and recover Professor Hasting's stolen Super Styler (the newly developed version of the Capture Styler). The main character is accompanied by a single partner Pokémon that will always be there, and various wild Pokémon that the player captures as needed.

How to progress through the game: As a Pokémon Ranger, players capture wild Pokémon by circling them with their stylus numerous times (the bigger Pokémon take more to capture). Players then borrow their power and abilities to clear obstacles and puzzles they encounter along the way. Once they use a captured Pokémon's power, it will leave. Players will always have their partner Pokémon with them ... it will never leave. There are various "Groups" of Pokémon the player can capture. Some of the Pokémon groups are Grass, Fire, Electric and many more. Each Pokémon group has a unique Poke Assist to help players. There are various "Group Match-up" advantages/disadvantages that make the capture of Pokémon strategic.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: In the game, the player uses what is called a Capture Styler to capture wild Pokémon. Once they are captured, wild Pokémon will follow the player around until their powers are used (either in a Poke Assist or a Field Move). A Poke Assist is when the player uses an already-captured Pokémon to help capture another Pokémon. A Field Move is when the player uses a captured Pokémon's power to clear an obstacle in the way. As the player progresses, the Capture Styler becomes more powerful, giving them more Energy (Hit Points) and allowing them to keep more captured wild Pokémon with them at a time.

Product Details
No. of Disks 1
Multiplayer Support Wi-Fi
Language English
Audience Rating 3+