Saint Seiya: The Hades (2006)
PlayStation 2
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N/A Namco Bandai
DVD 3296580802777

Following the release of Saint Seiya, Knights of the Zodiac: The Sanctuary in 2005, developers DIMPS and PAON have brought a wealth of new elements and enhancements to the fighting systems of Saint Seiya: The Hades to present a game truly worthy of the seminal manga and anime. Boasting a story from the most widely acclaimed chapter of the saga plus an overdose of innovative features and stunning enhancements designed to bring players closer than ever to the universe of mind-blowing 3D Cosmo battles, Saint Seiya: The Hades offers something special for all fans of anime and fighting games.

Detalles del Producto
Nr de Discos 1
Soporte Multijugador Same Screen
Idioma English
Clasificación por Edades 7+
Detalles Personales
Precio 5,00 €
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